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a slow journey through lent: day 28

Psalm 107 holds the stories of so many individuals. We each have a story. A narrative that’s being written each moment. And every one of our stories collides with another’s story every single day. And when we hear someone else’s story, our own stories often intersect - weaving together feelings and meaning. The Psalmist tells the stories of many people, displaced people searching for a city, the hungry, the thirsty, the prisoners, those in the dark, those who rebelled against God. And as they cried out, God responded to their stories, redeeming each of their lives, each of their stories to himself. Satisfying their hunger, their need for a safe place, breaking their chains and prisons.

Each one of these individuals and each person in Christ is a living story in the house of God as it says in Hebrews. Each story from refugee to prisoner touches another’s story - weaving in, forming our hearts into the Love that is God. God longs to hear you put words to your story of redemption and praise, of transformation and love, and how you’re living and being in the House of Christ.

Even in the most desolate places we write our stories and we remember. We remember the goodness of God in the past, seek the goodness of God in the present and hope for the future. So keep courage, remain confident and rest in hope. Your story is being woven with countless other stories, past and present, in proclaiming redemptive Love.

As we live in community with each other, can you see how your story has touched another person's story?

As you listen to someone else today or this week, notice the story rising within yourself as you listen. Be present with the other person, but when you are by yourself, take some time to reflect on the story that was rising up within you as you listened. Pray for guidance and light for what God might have for you in whatever you have noticed.

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melanie myatt
melanie myatt

It is good to be reminded again that we can be confident in our hope, especially when we remember what God has already done for us and everyone else...

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