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Yoga: Breathwork - Spiritual Practice - Movement

It is my personal belief that we "live and move and have our being" in God and with God (Acts 17:28).

Join me in a gentle or restorative practice of yoga focusing on breathing, spiritual practice focused on scripture and movement. Each of the sessions has a slow pace to bring the body, mind and soul into one space. 

Feel free to use this shared spotify playlist in the background during the time.


Christ Compassion

44 minutes

A gentle seated and laying down yoga practice focusing on Christ's deep compassion. Join me as we enter into an imaginative scripture reading from Luke 7 and see what deep compassion is being offered to each of us today.

Use this link to access the session:

Spotify playlist

The Lord's Prayer

40 minutes

A gentle yoga practice focusing on embodying prayer as a meditation on the Lord's Prayer. You can practice the video as is or there are two places to pause and meditate on a song. 

Near the beginning the song is "Hallowed" by Jennifer Knapp

and at the end it is "The Lord's Prayer". Both of these songs have been added to the spotify playlist below so they can be found easily.

Use this link to access the session:

Spotify playlist



Coming Soon

More yoga coming soon!

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