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Church with the Big Book

Church with the Big Book

i walk into the sanctuary

while it is still dimly lit.

as the darkness begins to dissipate

the birds join the choir

one by one their voice

their individual songs

creating a melody

beyond the greatest composer.

the trees ready themselves

standing tall

and confident.

the clouds announce

what's coming next

reflecting soft purples, oranges and pinks.

and then we wait.

the song of the birds quiets

but remains.

i sit in hopeful silence.

awaiting the sermon from the sun

i wonder

sometimes with words.

the sky fades to blue

the congregation of flowers and plants

begin to life their heads

opening themselves to the work within.

light touches the top of the tallest pine first

then graces each palm frond.

and suddenly

as if no time had passed at all

the Light appears in its fullness.

it has always been there

constant in its appearing,

bringing life

helping to count the days.

the light comes

casting a glow

through the trees

the air

baptizing souls with it's

silent sermon through the day

if my heart is opening

to listening.

there is no closing song

but ongoing Presence

of the Divine.

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