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a slow journey through lent: day 29

Today we will sit with the scripture for the week, Psalm 119:9-16. Before beginning to read - take at least three deep breaths. Acknowledge the presence of God, Jesus, Holy Spirit who are ever-present with you. Ask for light or guidance on what to receive today.

Read through this passage three times SLOWLY.

(If you're in a space where you can read it out loud, do that at least once.)

Pause for a time between readings.

Is there a word, phrase, image or feeling that you notice, stands out or that is being brought forth to you? Take that with you through the day and see what unfolds.

At the end of the day take a moment to reflect over your day with what God brought to mind and respond with a prayer of gratitude.

How can a young person stay pure?

By obeying your word.

I have tried hard to find you—

don’t let me wander from your commands.

I have hidden your word in my heart,

that I might not sin against you.

I praise you, O Lord;

teach me your decrees.

I have recited aloud

all the regulations you have given us.

I have rejoiced in your laws

as much as in riches.

I will study your commandments

and reflect on your ways.

I will delight in your decrees

and not forget your word.

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1 Comment

melanie myatt
melanie myatt
Mar 17, 2021

I find it interesting that it says "I have tried hard to find you" AND "don't let me wander." This summarizes my life. I feel like I do try hard to listen and watch for God. But then I still wander. I need God to intervene. Even though I know God's way is best, I still make other choices all too often.

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