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Divine Presence - in the learning and unlearning

A memory of learning to ride my bike came to me this morning. I remembered my purple hand-me-down bike with the white plastic woven basket with the plastic flowers attached and rainbow banana seat. I hopped on, eager to ride as well as my brother.

I started on a small hill, which would have been great if the large wooden sandbox wasn't at the bottom of the hill. I'm sure you can imagine what happened next...

As I acknowledged God bringing the memory to mind I wondered, why this memory?

I sat (well actually laid as it was the end of my yoga practice) and wondered in stillness.

What was gently coming to my mind was the idea of learning. Learning to ride my bike. And even in that moment of terror as I ran into the sandbox and crashed my bike, God was with me.

And then my thought and heart exploded. When I was a child God was with me. In all of the learning. In all of the things I had been taught or taken in, whether right, wrong or anything in between, God was with me in the learning. Every Sunday, Wednesday and day in between all the doctrine or theology or legalism (read that fundamentalism) learning of my childhood - God was with me.

I think why the thought exploded into light was that I thought that unlearning those things or unraveling them into the light of God's love and exploring the freedom and depth and unity was the great work (you could probably read some pride in that statement). But God was there then and now. The Spirit was with me then and now.

My pride of unlearning moved into the light. Divine Presence overwhelmed me. The gift of Presence that I live and move and breathe within. Holding gratitude for Presence within, around and through in my past and present.


Where or how can you see Divine Presence in your past and present?

Is there an invitation for you in the understanding of God in your past and present?

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