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Embodied Prayer

I pray to God—my life a prayer—

and wait for what he’ll say and do.

Psalm 130:5 MSG

Embodied Prayer

if God is okay with anger

and questions,

surely God must be okay

with everything else

that i am.

fleeting moments of road rage

moments of awe.

can i be a prayer?

can all of life offer

words when i'm not speaking,

not thinking,

not moving?

in solitude and silence

when i get to be

when the work of my hands cease,

when my pen no longer touches the page

i am a prayer.

and what is a prayer?

a groan translated

not the culmination of my inadequate

self-indulgent words.

i am a prayer.

eyes receiving the sun

ears opening to songbirds

softness of dog fur between fingers

delicious smell of citrus blossoms

lingering bitterness of coffee.

the wholeness of delight

as i am coming

without words

as a silent prayer.

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