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Imago Dei

Different kinds of plants, different kinds of animals One kind of human, in the image of the Divine. The Divine face is indeterminable color It is feminine and masculine woven together Throw out your conjured images That fit inside geographical lines. The imaginary lines that separate the Body.

The indelible form of beings Like a fingerprint pressed into human clay Part of same, yet each their own creative masterpiece

Throw out your mass inspired images That fit inside generalized boxes Boxes that set a few free and imprison the majority.

Each face a reflection of the Divine. Each hand, each foot, each eye, each soul. One hand wars against the other, blood spilling over those imaginary lines.

One foot chases the other with meaningless bullets bringing their end One eye sees the other set in cold cages, one vacant eye staring back. And Love’s heart breaks as one violates the other.

The wall will accuse, the house will speak forth When the Image is desecrated and abhorred The rocks will cry and justice will be a cleansing flow. Repent, confess, lament the mirror that only sees you

For the Divine reflection is us all.

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