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Invitation: a slow journey through lent

Sometimes I like things slow. Okay, I like things slow almost all of the time. (You can read about why that is here.) And sometimes I like to take things slow because it allows them time to set, to cement, into my soul. So, with that in mind, I'm offering my slow journey with you during this lent season.

So, what does a slow journey through Lent look like? My slow journey through lent will focus on one scripture passage a week. The idea will be just to sit with the words. Read them slowly. Perhaps only read one or two verses a day. One day during the week I'll head over to A Quiet Space on facebook and read the passage in a sacred reading (lectio divina) - it will be recorded so there's no specific time to listen to it. There will be an invitation to respond to what the Spirit is bringing up inside of you - invitations to respond creatively as well - offering up these times as prayer.

The prompts can be found here on this blog. You can receive an email notification when they are posted by signing up in the mailing list below.

Looking forward to journeying slowly with you.

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