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Re-framing Things

Have you ever looked at something, even something that seems ordinary or you use every day, and it looks different or new? Maybe the light hits it in a certain way...

Light through grapefruit tree leaf

Or sometimes I'm drawn to the small things that can only be seen if I step closer...

This photo started out slightly larger, but when I noticed the clarity of the middle of the flower, I couldn't help but crop and focus on that instead of the flower as a whole.

But sometimes it's ideas that need to be reframed. In childhood and throughout my teenage years I've put together thoughts and beliefs that have impacted how I live life. Most of us are like this, so there's nothing special about that. But as I've grown in a new direction in my spiritual life I've noticed that sometimes my old ideas are challenged or don't necessarily hold true with the new ideas I'm discovering on the journey. Or, sometimes the ideas just need to be reframed in a new way.

Do you have ideas or beliefs that you've re-framed or changed entirely?

Is there a way that you can describe the process in ways other than words?

One idea that has gone through a reframing for me lately is that of identifying sin in my life and the process that follows. It's always been a sort of abstract process couched with words like transgression, repentance, confession, reconciliation, atonement and was drowning in shame and guilt.

But what if I experienced it differently?


I noticed something that I was doing that made me feel __________________

(for me it was irritated, but this could be ANYTHING that is harming to my heart)

In my mind I pictured Jesus wandering into a dark spot of my soul.

I realized that I didn't want to feel that way any more. It felt like it was tying me up in my mind. And then I thought about the root was of why I felt that way. What was at the center of it?

I invited Jesus to shine light there into that spot so I could see more clearly.

As I realized it was my own jealousy making me feel this way, I made a decision to do the opposite of what my jealousy was telling me to do. I LET GO.

Jesus, set the light there in that spot.

And in doing that I felt freer. Almost instantaneously.

I noticed, acknowledged, changed, let go and found FREEDOM.

I literally felt freer as the irritation no longer comes. The jealousy and the irritation that came along with it no longer is there.

And there is change from darkness to light.

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